When Solving Material Handling Problems, You Have Three Choices:

Option I

You can assign someone from your company to work on the problems, design the solution and implement it… someone with up-to-date knowledge of new technology and money saving ideas… if you could find that person.

Option II

You can hire an outside consultant that won’t turn away after the solution is provided… someone willing to implement the recommendations – the part of the project most vulnerable to failure… someone willing to accept responsibility for the success of the recommendation… if you could find that person.

Option III Logo

We Provide the consultants, technical knowledge, project management, implementation, system responsibility, quality products, management integration, and training… the complete package…  the SOLUTION!

We don’t just sell products.  We provide solutions… the right solutions…  GUARANTEED!

How Option III Creates The Right Solutions

We show you how to cut the number of times your people move products through the plant and warehouse

We show you how to eliminate up to 90% of non-productive time in your warehouse

We show you how to get your products shipped faster and more efficiently

We create up to 40% new floor space in your plant and/or warehouse.

We objectively address your material handling problems throughout manufacturing and distribution functions

We support your team to design equipment solutions that fit your business needs and support you with service and repairs

How Option III Structures Your Projects to Fit Your Needs

Total consulting services start with a feasibility study, analysis and evaluation

Computer simulation and report of required improvements as needed

Design and specification of required improvements

Site preparation, scheduling and coordination by project manager

Installation of equipment synchronized not to impede present production

Tune and test to assure a smooth transition before system turnover

Management, operator and maintenance training and acceptance testing

Post implementation support: progress reports, payback data, and maintenance functions

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