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Option III successfully completed our first large conveyor systems project with sortation in Omaha over 30 years ago.  After all these decades, we continue our record of successful projects, on time and on budget.  We maintain and may upgrade those equipment systems, so they continue to be productive, and bring good resale value when systems finally need to be replaced.

Powered Conveyors

Powered Conveyors Systems with Sortation and Controls
Powered Conveyor systems

We support a wide variety of types of powered conveyor systems. This provides flexibility to consistently use the best type for conveying a particular product with its particular packaging/box/tote/pallet, weight distribution, length, width and height.

Option III has many years of experience working with several manufacturers of general line and specialty types of conveyor systems, such as:

+ Lineshaft driven roller conveyor, motorized roller conveyor, belt driven roller conveyor
+ Belt Conveyor, horizontal, incline and decline
+ Vertical reciprocating conveyor and spiral conveyor
+ Flexible/movable conveyor on rollers and telescoping conveyor

Some considerations in conveyor system design include very narrow for e-commerce, quiet operation, minimized energy use, conserving pneumatics, shorter installation time, smaller footprints, and increased flexibility for dynamic demands.

Sortation can be incorporated at normal conveyor speeds or with specialized highest-speed sorters. A variety of sortation options provides excellent solutions for e-commerce polybags and other “non-sortables” as well as cases, totes or pallets.

Conveyor controls can be as simple as photo eyes activating an off/on switch or divert, and a safety off switch.

Most Conveyor systems require PC/PLC based controls, following UL-508a standards for Custom Control Panel fabrication using UL Listed & Recognized components. These support Zone routing systems, Barcode/RFID scanning, In-motion Weighing/Dimensioning, and other technologies, all with remote access for timely and efficient maintenance and upgrades.

Option III coordinates with local and/or specialty electrical contractors for complete Electrical Conveyor Control Systems Installation, Commissioning and Field Service.

Gravity Conveyors

Gravity Conveyor Systems

Several types of gravity conveyor systems are available, including:

+ Roller conveyors and skatewheel conveyers – Best used for boxes and pallets, level or decline, with or without braking

+ Roller Spurs and Skatewheel Spurs – curved and straight for ease of manual movement

+ Flexible/movable conveyor on wheels – skatewheel or roller conveyor: congested loading docks and trailers are common applications, allowing conveyor to be expanded for use and moved out of the way when not in use.  Also, available in powered conveyor configurations

+ Ball Transfer and manually operated roller transfer turntables with foot pedal adjustment

+ Chutes – spiral, curved and straight decline

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