Dock Lifts

Loading Dock LiftsDock lifts provide a number of benefits. They eliminate the danger and space requirements associated with a ramp and they improve safety by eliminating manual handling of freight from the truck bed height to the ground.

Dock Lifts – Many Options

There are many types of dock lifts available.  It is important to study your dock area to understand the best fits your application.

The first decision relates to having a ground style or pit mounted recessed lift.  The main advantage of a Ground lift is the unit can be mounted on any flat concrete slab and require no pit work. The biggest advantage of a recessed or pit mounted lift is the fact that these units are mounted flush with surrounding surfaces so they do not become an obstacle to drive over traffic. This is especially important if the unit is being mounted in a doorway.

The second decision is the platform size: The platform size is determined by the type of  equipment that will be used to load or unload trucks. The minimum suggested platform width is 6’.  Lifts can range up to 12 feet wide and have many lengths.

Roll Over Capacity must also be considered for recessed units.  This refers to the maximum load allowable for vehicles driving over a fully lowered lift. Most recessed dock lifts are rated for 10,000 pounds for slow speed drive over.

Operation controls should preferably within reach of the person riding the dock lift. The control is typically on cord and hung on the handrail while the lift is being used and then put inside the building when the lift is out of use. Wall mounted switches are also acceptable provided that they can be reached by the person using the lift.

There are many variables when choosing a dock lift.  The team at Option III can help choose the right lift for your loading dock needs.

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