Dock Safety Equipment

Dock Safety Equipment

Save-ty Yellow Products

Dock safety equipment is important to protect your equipment, inventory, and especially employees  that meet the needs of your customers. You don’t want unexpected safety issues to cause you downtime, added expense, or personal injury.

Use dock safety equipment to protect employees, facilities, products, & machinery from impact by fork truck, including but not limited to drop-in / lift-out guardrails, highway design, lite rail & deflector series guardrails, overhead door track protection, rack post protectors, curved & low-profile rack end systems, mezzanine safety gates, modular handrails, building column protectors, machine guards, steel bollards, & fork lift accessories.

Forklift safety specialist “Save”ty Yellow Products says its Dock Stop Gate is a one-of-a-kind safety solution that prevents fork trucks from driving or backing off loading and receiving docks.

The Dock Stop is designed to withstand impacts of 4,000 pounds at 5 mph and meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. The barrier includes two rotating arms and two 42-inch-tall mounting bollards connected by a sliding locking bar that locks in place with a pin. Optional anchors and 30-inch bollards are also available.

According to the manufacturer, the Dock Stop fills a void in dock-protection products by proactively preventing forklift accidents. Nets, lightweight gates, and other partial protectors that are designed more for gate awareness do not provide the same level of protection, the company says.

These products have been shown to protect employees, facilities, products, and equipment from impact with fork trucks.

Understanding the options provide customers a choice when designing and protecting a facility. Chose products that are  powder coated for long lasting durability.


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