HVLS FansWHALENADO™ HVLS Fans are modeled after the aerodynamic fins of the humpback whale.  WHALENADO™ High-Volume, Low-Speed fans feature the patented WHALE-POWER™ Technology and are a high energy-saving alternative for effective climate control.

By dispersing trapped air, WHALENADO™ fans eliminate hot/cold zones throughout a facility, equalizing internal temperatures and greatly reducing HVAC heating and cooling cycles. WHALENADO™

HVLS fans are a low-cost, low maintenance option for improving work conditions and can deliver up to 20% in energy savings.

Features of HVLS Fans

Whalenado fans use NORD™ In-line heavy duty motors that are engineered using a one piece  design. These fan motors produce superior performance without the need for high power consumption.

The airfoils are engineered to prevent vibration that results in efficient operation and energy usage.  The design of the fan provides coverage over larger areas while resulting in an evaporative cooling benefit of 5-9° C. 

The fan airfoils neutralize hot/cold zones through thermal destratification to create a safer, more comfortable working environment.

The Whalenado fans have a superior design and and construction that requires less maintenance resulting in recommended inspections every 20,000 hours of operation.

The HVLS fan airfoil colors can be customized to match interior design or corporate branding requirements and offer a Lifetime Warranty on Whalenado blades and hub

Help Equalize Temperatures

Whalenado’s airfoils neutralize hot/cold zones through thermal destratification to create a more comfortable working environment.

Prevent Lost Heat In Winters – Assist in equalizing facility temperatures preventing heat loss. Reduce temperature differential between floor/ceiling & front/back.

Keep Summers Cool – Air flow results in an evaporative cooling benefit of 5-9°C. There is a 6% savings per degree when you raise the air conditioner thermostat.

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