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Option III has a full selection of loading dock equipment to meet your needs.  We can work with you to create the ideal plan followed by the selection of the loading dock equipment.

Our engineers have decades of experience designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for highly specialized applications and unique environments. Whether it’s a dock leveler with a one-of-a-kind situation or a custom lift that has to handle punishing duty cycles in the harshest of environments, Option III can support your needs.

Loading Dock Equipment

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Because there are many different activities taking place in a warehouse, distribution center or other unloading area, loading docks can be have many hazards if not planned well. Accidents resulting from trailer creep, unsecured loads, debris on the floor, or forklifts misuse are all commonplace . It is important to have a the right loading dock equipment and safety plan in place to help reduce accidents.

Here are four best practices for loading dock safety.

  1. Proper Trailer Restraints– Wheel-based restraints and automated restraint equipment are best practice for for securing trailers at loading docks.
  2. Safety Products – Having the correct safety products such as gates, guard rails, column protectors can protect employees, equipment and inventory from accidents.
  3. Protecting Open Docks – Dock seal systems and dock shelters can reduce the risks posed by an open dock.
  4. Smooth Transition from Floor to Trailer Bed– The forklift or other equipment enters and exits the trailer via a dock leveler.  Without the proper systems in place the employees can experience a series of jolts and joint shocks several times a day. Employers should look for a leveler that offers as smooth of a transition as possible.

Dock equipment can help make your personnel are  safe, secure and productive. Choosing the right equipment is critical to the optimal performance of your dock.  Option III can design and install the optimum solution for your needs

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